Self Motivation

Good morning, friends. Do you have trouble motivating yourself to do something that you know you should do? I know I sure have had my difficulties in that area. I would like to share with you a few tricks I have learned that have helped me motivate myself.

The key to self-motivation is knowing what you are motivated by. For example, I am motivated by fun. If I am going to complete a task, I have to make it enjoyable or else it is not going to get done. Some people are motivated by making tasks social, others are motivated by making them solitary. Many are motivated by making tasks competitive, or turning it into a game.

Step number one in becoming more motivated is knowing how you are motivated to complete something. The next time you complete a task easily, stop for a moment and ask yourself how you accomplished it with ease. Did you turn the task into a game? Did you reward yourself with a prize after you completed your goal? Did you invite others to help you, or were you more successful shutting everyone out and completing it alone? Knowing what motivates you will help you become more successful at accomplishing your goals in life.

If you are having trouble self-starting, here are a few tricks that may help:

  • Make one master to do list of the things you need to accomplish. When you see everything you need to do, it makes conquering those tasks one at a time a lot less overwhelming. Then every time you finish a goal, you can mark it off the list and see your progress.
  • Reward yourself with a small prize after completing a task, like a manicure or new album from iTunes.
  • Instead of avoiding the task, simply start it. You do not have to finish, but starting is half of the battle.
  • Ask your friends to help you. Some of us cannot complete a task unless we make it social. It shows strength of character to ask for help when you need it, and it gives someone else an opportunity to do a good deed.
  • Reward yourself with gold stars. I know it sounds childish, but it works. I used to do this with exercise, and gyms do it all the time. I had a calendar and stickers. Every time I worked out, I got a gold star. It made me feel very accomplished and proud of myself when I saw all the gold stars on the calendar at the end of the week. 🙂
  • Turn the task into a game. Invite others to join you and make it competitive.
  • Make the environment you are performing the task in peaceful. Some people need to shut the world out in order to be productive. If you are one of these people, perhaps you should put on some soothing music, light some candles, or take a hot shower or a bath before you begin.
  • Visualization is a very powerful motivator. If you see yourself as completing the task, you start to believe that you can achieve it.

These are just a few tricks. I would love to hear other suggestions if you would like to share.

The most important thing to remember is not to beat yourself up if you are having trouble getting started on a goal. You will never accomplish it with negativity. Notice that not one of these tricks uses negative reinforcement, which is not a successful motivating tool. Try being nice to yourself, and acknowledging that where you are at in life is perfectly acceptable. Change comes through knowing you can achieve it.  That belief in yourself will only occur when you feel self-love.

You can do it! I believe in you!

With love,


What motivates you? Discover it and capitalize on it!


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  1. You motivate me… and I love carrots!!!

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