Let Love Be The Anthem

Today is my birthday and I wanted to share with you my favorite song and my favorite lyric. The song is “Follow” by my brother’s band, Fools & Horses. The lyric that I quote often is “Let Love Be The Anthem”!

The belief in most religions is God is Love. The belief in yoga is Love is God. Love is a divine emotion. When we love with all of our hearts, we feel purposeful. When we let our actions come from a place of love, we feel righteous. Moreover, love is universal.

When I speak of love here, I do not mean infatuation. I mean that deep emotion that fills your heart over something that defines you. This divine presence residing in you is not fickle. It is pervading and it is universal. The love that I am referring to is that part of you that tears up when you feel joy, or gets goose bumps at something thrilling. It’s that part of you that you feel deep inside when you see a baby, or hug someone you love.

When we act from that place of love, we are acting in unison with the Divine. That is what was meant by the famous lyric, “Love is all you need”. So, without further adieu, I bring you “Follow”.

Today was the day I saw
The Meaning of my life in all a different way
It hit me before but now I’m bolder to answer

If you weren’t my friend you’d be now
You came into my life at just the perfect time
And sang me a song in the key of love be the anthem
Let love be the anthem

And I feel it
Darling I need it
So I follow

Whether or not I stay
As long as that I know that I had made it ride
We were given the chance and we did our best to take it

Your every command I obey
From now until forever till the end of time
For every One lost there’s One laid up in laughter
Forever and after

And I feel it
You give me an easy pill to swallow
So I follow

With Divine Love,


“I have found the paradox, that if you love until it hurts, there can be no more hurt, only love.” ~Mother Teresa


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  1. […] In yoga, we say to live your life from a place of love. Love is more than just an emotion; it is a state of mind. In fact, the nature of living a loving life is your true nature, or your true Self. In yoga, we call the true Self the Atman. Atman is divine, pure loving consciousness. We connect with Atman when we hug someone we love, or feel warmth in our hearts at something that makes us happy. To read more on this topic, please visit this link. […]

  2. […] Below, you will find a piece written by my friend Rudolph Pallas. He was inspired by my blog post Let Love Be The Anthem, and by Michael Jackson’s music, particularly “Thriller.” His work is meant to […]

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