Who Me?

Ever have an amazing idea, but failed to act on it? Why did you not act on it? Maybe the idea was so big that you did not know where to begin. Perhaps, someone else told you the idea was ridiculous, and you believed them. Likely, though, your failure to act was caused by not believing in yourself enough.

If you get an idea that you are passionate about, I highly recommend that you act on it to the best of your ability. Not to act on it can hinder your self-esteem. Plus, it is pretty much guaranteed that someone else has the idea as well, so you might as well be the first to manifest it.

Ever see something on the shelves in a store and proclaim, “Oh my gosh, I totally had that same idea!”? I am not suggesting that everyone run out and become the next Thomas Edison, but what if you had manifested your idea. You would probably feel a lot more satisfied in your life.

Your idea may not be a product. Your idea may be a way to help people, or a way to better yourself. Your idea may be a way to help the company you work for grow, or a way to better your community, or your family life.

When you have an inspired idea, you might ask yourself, “Who me? Can I really accomplish this?”. The answer I would like you to consider is “Yes, you!”. What is preventing you from acting on this inspiration? Acknowledge those obstacles and try to think of ways to proactively overcome them.

This is exactly what I did when I was inspired to become a yoga teacher. I did not think I could really do it. Folks, I am not going to lie to you. The study and dedication involved in becoming a yoga teacher is a lot of work. Plus, I have to juggle commuting, working a full day, practicing yoga, and teaching. When I became inspired to teach, I thought about the journey ahead of me, and I asked myself “Who me?”. The road ahead looked long and insurmountable. But then I remembered that all any journey requires is one step at a time.

We can often succumb to panic in our culture. We get overwhelmed very easily. The trick from a yogic perspective is to focus on the present moment. In this moment, right now, if you breathe, concentrate, and dedicate yourself to what you are doing, you will accomplish the goal one step at a time. I am here to tell you that it–whatever it is–is possible. Even if you do not succeed, it is far better to attempt than it is to wonder what if.

With love,


Who me? Yes, you!


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