Yes, I have 12-14 hour days. Yes, I use at least a quarter of tank of gas every day because I commute so much. Yes, I barely have any downtime, or quality time with friends. I am an overachiever, and these are my confessions.

  1. I love helping people. I will even help people if I get nothing in return, except for the belief that I am helping.
  2. My goal upon rising in the morning is to be the best person I can be that day on all levels: mentally, physically, and spiritually.
  3. An “A” is never a good enough grade. I always strive for an “A+”.
  4. It’s OK if I make a mistake, as long as I admit it and correct it in the future.
  5. I am that nerd who always asks and answers questions in class. Annoying, right?
  6. I do not mind being the butt of the joke, as long as it’s not mean. I have no problem laughing at myself and my mistakes.
  7. When I am learning something, I dedicate myself to it. I am a studying fool! I am Lisa Simpson in human form!
  8. I do not need to be right in a situation because I believe everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion. You can have your opinion and I can have mine. I do not need to change your mind.
  9. Please let me help you learn. Please! I have a teaching addiction. Always have. Always will.
  10. If you tell me something is wrong in your life, I will give you suggestions of ways you can fix it. I do not do this because I think I am better than you, or because I think I know more than you. I do this only because I have a compulsive need to help. It all comes from a place of love. Please do not be offended. If I am just trying to be helpful if I can.

Why do I confess these things to you today? The first reason is that I think it is important to know yourself inside and out. In my opinion, you should be your own best friend. The second reason I share these confessions with you is to acknowledge that not everyone is going to find these traits endearing.

I am not suggesting that everything on my list is a flaw. But, some people would find many of these characteristics to be annoying. What I am expressing is that I am aware that who I am as a person has pros and cons.

Your opinion of me is secondary to my opinion of myself. I value people’s opinions, but not over my own. As long as I am solid in my beliefs, other people’s opinions of me should not matter as much as my own opinions of myself.

Be proud of who you are. In that pride, though, I encourage you to find humility. It may sound paradoxical, but I assure you it is possible. I consider myself a perpetual work in progress, yet I still value who I am and what I have to offer. In being proud of who I am, I remain open to learning new ways and to changing my behaviors.

You are a wonderful person. I know you are, or you would not be reading a blog on empowerment and self-improvement. Today, recognize your strengths, and acknowledge that there is always room for growth.

With love,


My name is Amber Warren, and I am an overachiever!


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