A Change Is Gonna Come

Making a choice to live a happier life can come with frustrations. Any time we actively choose change in our lives, it can make us feel off kilter, and therefore out of control. Plus if we do not see results quickly enough, we can exasperate ourselves and give up because we do not believe we can stick with the change.

If you are new to positive thinking and to the realization that you can control your own mood, I would like to encourage you to be gentle, kind and patient with yourself. Change does not happen overnight. (That is actually called a revolution.) Instead, change is a process, and the process needs to be respected.

So if you are finding that you want to bring change into your life, but feel overwhelmed, I have some steps you can take that might help.

  • Step One:  Stop.
  • Step Two:  Breathe.
  • Step Three:  Remember that your goal is to live a happier life.
  • Step Four:  Acknowledge that you can change your life.
  • Step Five:  Prioritize your actions.

I tell people to do steps one, two and five quite often at my job because it helps people slow down and reorganize their work flow so that they do not get overwhelmed. When you add steps three and four into the mix, you begin to empower yourself mindfully.

This is called behavior modification, and it works. When we change our habits, we reinnervate the brain and the body. Essentially, we rewire ourselves from the inside out.

So when you find yourself falling back into your old habits, instead of getting frustrated and giving up, take a second to stop, breathe, remember your goal, acknowledge to yourself that you can do it, and figure out the most logical order of importance to accomplish your goals. By doing this, you will begin to reinnervate your body. More importantly, you will start to believe that you can accomplish your goals.

“Success is maintained and achieved by those who try to keep trying.”  ~W. Clement Stone

Never, ever, ever give up on yourself. You are far too important!

With respect,


“They must often change, who would be constant in happiness or wisdom.” ~Confucius


Comments on: "A Change Is Gonna Come" (4)

  1. You have so much insight and knowledge for one so young.

    • Thank you, Carole. It’s not innate though. Everything I write about are things I have learned. To paraphrase Sir Isaac Newton, if I appear to see far, it is because I am standing on the shoulders of giants. Love!

  2. Joyce Kuhl said:

    I am up early this am and needed that, thanks. You inspire me. Went to the office Friday and had lots of empowerments but not getting them at home; we will talk about that and fix. Looking forward to seeing you Sunday. Lovalu xxoo

  3. […] is your reaction to change? Do you freak out? If so you are not alone, because most people react this […]

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