Reset Button

Ever start your day off with a BANG? You wake up nicely. Everything is going fine.  Then, POW, something interrupts the way you thought your morning would begin. That happened to me at work yesterday morning.

Before I had even turned my computer on, I was confronted with someone who needed questions answered right then and right there, and then I was thrown into a meeting, neither of which I was expecting. KABOOM!

What usually ends up happening to us when our mornings start off in the wrong direction is that we let that one situation snowball and ruin the rest of our day. There is a better way, of course.

You always have the choice of hitting the reset button on your day.

After this happened yesterday, I took a few minutes to settle myself. I focused on my breath for about 5 rounds of inhales and exhales. I put on some calming music. Then, I chose to let that stress go. I continued on with the rest of my day as if the initial unexpected circumstance did not happen.

Every moment of your life is a chance for a new beginning. Don’t let your day be controlled by those abrupt events. Hit the reset button and start fresh. Every moment is an opportunity to begin again! You do not have to suffer from the past. Instead, you can choose to start over.

You do not have to wait until the next day, either. Every second is a chance to begin again. So, the next time your day starts off with a bang, try setting the intention that the rest of your day will be fine regardless. Make up your mind to have a pleasant day anyway. The choice is yours. How will you choose to live?

With love,


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