Yoga Teachers Fall, Too

Ever fall down and go boom? It happens. And guess what? Yoga teachers fall too, even when they are teaching classes.

It has happened to me. It happened to the yoga teacher whose class I was in today. I mention it because some people who practice yoga put their yoga teacher on a pedestal. I assure you that is not necessary.

Yoga teachers are just as human as anyone else. We fall. We make mistakes. Maybe one thing we do differently than most people is that if we make a mistake, we acknowledge it. Another thing is that we laugh at ourselves when we fall.

Success is not measured by a lack of mistakes. Success is measured by your ability to get up quickly after a fall, and smile lovingly while doing it. The wisest people on the planet are those who learn from their mistakes, not beat themselves up over them.

The same principle applies to people just having a difficult time right now. Do not dwell. Do not wallow. Just acknowledge the fact that you are having a hard time, and make up your mind to get back up again with as much of a smile as you can muster.

Every day is an opportunity to become a better person, to grow, to evolve, to change for the good. When we begin to think of our mistakes as just learning experiences, we can actually begin to enjoy them. Next time you fall, try laughing at yourself. That is what I do when I fall down and go boom. 🙂



Some of my fellow Charm City Yoga teacher trainees and I attempted some partner yoga. We failed and then we succeeded. If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again!


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