Come On Irene!

Ever just have “one of those days”? Ever let “one of those days” turn into “one of those weeks”? It happens to the best of us.

Not to worry. In yoga we say that every moment is an opportunity to start fresh. The decision is yours. Do you want to let your circumstances control your mood, or do you want your mood to control your circumstances?

I much prefer the latter. How about you?

This concept becomes important to us on the East Coast right now. There’s a hurricane on its way. Just remember that if your plans get ruined, or something in your home or car gets destroyed, that your perspective of the situation is vitally important.

You can let those things bother you, or you can decide to carry on with a smile. Deal with the situations that arise with as much of a positive attitude as possible, and I guarantee you will enjoy yourself.

The choice is yours. How will you decide to live today?

Light & love,


Stay safe, y'all! Stay safe and stay positive!


Comments on: "Come On Irene!" (1)

  1. DINORAH CELY said:

    Thank you Amber!!! Love it!

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