All Good Things Must End

Everything ends. I am not expressing that to be morbid. I share this with you today as a reminder to enjoy every moment and appreciate it to the fullest, because one day, it will end.

Two days ago, my brother’s band, Fools & Horses, announced that they are calling their 9 year run together to a close. While this is not the end of a life, it is the end of a lifestyle for me and my friends.

As I look back on 9 years of shows, 9 years of parties, 9 years of road trips, and 9 years of amazing music, I am so grateful for all the joyful memories. At first, I was shocked and sad, but the end of the band gave me a chance to remember all of the good times. I was able to re-experience gratitude for all of these memorable events.

Moreover, I will always love the music they released. As a band, they created 4 studio albums, 1 remix album and 1 power hour album for their college friends. 🙂

Today, in the great yogic tradition of spreading joy and love, I would like to share with you the four studio albums and the remix album by Fools & Horses. They are truly worth a listen, and available on iTunes if you would like to own a track, an album, or the entire collection.

We have to live every moment to the fullest. Appreciate and enjoy all that life has to offer. Before I close, just remember something I have said before: if something special in your life comes to an end, do not be sad it is over. Instead, be very grateful that you were able to experience it in the first place, because nothing lasts forever.

I am so grateful for the 9 years I had with Fools & Horses. Matt, Tim, Kent & Steve, I love you always!



Matt, Kent, Tim, Steve


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