The Pain of Discipline

I took a webinar a few years ago directed by Franklin Covey. The topic of the webinar was how to make your team more efficient. The most remarkable concept I took from this webinar was the below motto used by Franklin Covey. I loved this quote so much that I adopted it as my personal motto.

“There’s the pain of discipline and the pain of regret; we much prefer the pain of discipline.”

If you want something in this life, it requires commitment. Everyone knows that, right? But what some people do not know is that another hidden key to success is that in order to achieve your goals, you must also practice discipline.

Discipline sometimes means that you have to make sacrifices to attain your goals. As a collective culture, we are not very good at making sacrifices. However, sacrifices have the potential to bring a great sense of character into your life.

Case in point, every successful musician, Olympic athlete, martial artist, and practiced yogi arrived at their level of accomplishment through living a disciplined life. Those accomplishments do not come free of charge; we have to work very hard to become great at something.

Recognize any of these examples of living a not-so-disciplined life: Ever look in the mirror and not happy with any extra curves you might be carrying around? Are you dissatisfied with your children’s performance in school? Could your house benefit from a visit from “Hoarders”?

If any of this resonates with you, I challenge you to bring a little discipline into your life. Say no to the cookie. Encourage your children to do their homework, and to go outside and play before they watch TV. If your house is cluttered, take small steps everyday to de-clutter yourself.

Baby steps comprise the journey. Sprinting through life will only bring you anxiety, not success. Slow down your life so that you can bring about the changes that you want to make. Reasonable doses of discipline will help get you there.

And, yes, to answer your question, discipline does come with a certain amount of pain. At least, though, when you feel the pain of discipline, there is not regret. You can wipe the sweat off of your brow knowing that you have taken steps to improve your situation, not worsen it.

With love,


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  1. This post reminds me of why I am so proud to call myself your cousin! You are so inspiring, Amber! Sending lovelovelove your way!

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