Happy Labor Day

I have had requests to start re-posting some blogs I have written in the past, just in case people have missed them. This excerpt comes from the post Take Rest, and it happens to be pertinent today, Labor Day, a national day of rest. It is also relevant to my life right now, personally, as I am currently working full-time, blogging, studying, practicing, and teaching a lot.

Balance is a key element to a yoga practice and a yogic lifestyle. Remember, that if you start to feel tired, then you are unbalanced. If you start to feel overwhelmed, then you are unbalanced. If you start making small mistakes like misplacing your keys, or locking your keys in your car, your life is probably moving too fast, and you need to slow down.

Heed the warnings of your body and of your life. Take rest when you need it. Happy Labor Day, y’all!

It is important to pay attention to your body and your mind. Both require rest. I do not advise pushing through exhaustion.

Paradoxically, the yoga community can attract competitive people. Let’s face it, many of the asanas, or postures, are pretty outrageous. There are headstands and handstands and forearm balances galore, and some feel inferior if they cannot accomplish those postures.

Yoga is not about how well you perform the postures. Yoga is about how calm you can keep the mind and the body no matter the circumstances.

When I teach a yoga class, I make sure to express the importance of listening to your body and your mind. If you need a rest, please take it. The wise yogi rests when she or he needs it. To push through a yoga practice if your body is fatigued is both unwise and unyogic.

The same wisdom applies to pushing through life without proper rest. With a day of rest, or momentary rest in your yoga practice, you can bask in your hard work. Knowledge and awareness happen during the rest, more so than during the work. Without that reflection, what is the point of the hard work?

“Take rest; a field that has rested gives a bountiful crop.” ~Ovid

With love,


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