Yesterday, I accomplished a goal I had set for myself in 2007. I completed a 200-hour yoga teacher training.

In 2007 becoming a yoga teacher was just an idea, something I thought sounded fun. In 2008, a yoga teacher of mine started to encourage me to teach. Then, in 2009 and 2010, it became a burning passion, something I had to complete. In 2010, I took a short certification program that gave me the bare minimum certification required to teach at my gym. Simultaneously, I made the decision to leave a job that I loved, and accept another position, to comfortably afford the training.

February of this year, I began my 7-month journey at Charm City Yoga. I researched many 200-hour yoga teacher trainings before applying to Charm City’s program. Through my research, I discovered that the most informative, the most transformational, and the most affordable training happened to be in my own backyard in Baltimore, Maryland.

Along with being a Yoga Alliance certified yoga school, Charm City is also a 4-location studio in Baltimore, with a brand new location in Severna Park, Maryland. Its mission statement is “Transformative Practice, Thriving Community”. Folks, please allow me to convey to you that a no truer mission statement could ever exist.

Transformative Practice, Thriving Community

Through the process of this teacher training, my personal yoga practice was revolutionized, I fell in love with the community at Charm City, and I found my teaching voice. All of these accomplishments can be attributed to the way the founder of the studio, Kim Manfredi, structured the 200-hour training at Charm City.

The training was no joke. I will honestly tell you that the work load was comparable to my first semester in college. As my friends will attest, I quite literally sacrificed my social life for 7 months in order to dedicate myself to absorbing the knowledge of the program (look for a public love letter to my friends and family in tomorrow’s post :)).

Before I joined this training, I was a very green yoga teacher. I was teaching at my gym, but I did not yet have the confidence that I needed to make teaching a career. Through Kim’s 200-hour yoga teacher training at Charm City Yoga, I feel 100% prepared to share the wisdom, the spirituality, and the physical joy of yoga with the world.

Most teacher trainings discuss the postures and the spirituality, but I am not certain that every teacher training will prepare students to teach as effectively as Kim’s program. We taught yoga everyday we met, beginning on Day 1.

Anyone can learn the spirituality behind yoga by reading the Yoga Sutras, the Bhagavad Gita, or the Upanishads, but not every training will teach you how to effectively and lovingly teach like Charm City Yoga’s 200-hour yoga teacher training.

The transformative element of the training for me was that Kim’s teacher training made me fall completely, head-over-heels in love with the wisdom, and the practice of yoga. Along the way, I gained a yoga family, a community of like-minded people.

For this experience, I am deeply grateful to Charm City Yoga, to Kim Manfredi and her team of teacher trainers, and to my fellow trainees through our 200-hour training program. From the bottom of my heart, thank you all so much for this experience. You have changed my life in ways I cannot convey with words. I can only hope that this experience will be evident in my teaching. Namaste!

My fellow 200-hour yoga teacher trainees, Camille Moses-Allen, and Kim Manfredi at our first training weekend in February 2011

With Divine Love,



Comments on: "A Public Love Letter to Charm City Yoga" (5)

  1. You know I feel the same way as you! Great post…I feel like I could write SO much about how much teacher training has changed my life. I can’t wait to see where the rest of the journey takes us! xoxox.

  2. Bravo!!!!!!! I knew you could do it. You are such an inspiration to me and I have never met you, but I love your blog…and I follow it everyday. It fills a gap in my life that somehow I didn’t know was missing. I have learn to resmile, and to actually feel good about my self again(even with all the weight gain)….I try to think positive and know that God will take care of me…..

    Best wishes to you… will be a inspirational teaccher.

    Love Missy

  3. DINORAH CELY said:

    Bravo Zulu my sweet Amber. I have witnessed while attending your Hot Yoga the past 7-8 months your teaching transformation…. UNBELIEVABLE! It has been beautiful to see it right in front of me. The joy that you manifest in each class fills my soul with an indescribably feeling of joy and bliss. THANK YOU! Watching your growth and the joy that you are able to bring to my soul for 1 hour once a week validates this passion of mine and has also added fuel to my desire to follow and make this AMAZING accomplishment of yours…… MY goal in the near future! What you write above is exactly what I feel and have seen in you. It is exactly what I hope to accomplish both physically and spiritually in my journey. THANK YOU again for being a radiant light of POSSIBILITY. I have much love and gratitude for being a witness to such amazing growth and development in truly a short time. I have yet to go an set foot at Charm City and I already love it.


    With much LOVE, respect and admiration,


    • THANK YOU SO MUCH, DINORAH! Your presence in class every week is a gift to me! Thank you for coming and being ALIVE with me! YOU put the “real” in “reality”! 🙂

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