No Matter What

Be proud of yourself, no matter what.

Live your truth, no matter what.

Bold are your actions, no matter what.

Outshine the sun, no matter what.

There is only one you, my friends. Be proud of yourself; live your truth; act boldly; and allow your spirit to radiate from within.

You are a golden gift from the Divine. You have so much to offer this world. Now is your chance to spread your joy, to share your love, to speak your truth, and to broadcast your beliefs.

No matter what, it is your job to be yourself. It matters not who else appreciates it. It only matters that you represent yourself honestly.

Guaranteed, though, when you stand your ground and are confident in what you have to offer this world, people will listen and respect you.

Liberate your true self. Walk your path. Let your light shine.

No one else is going to be you for you.

Bless you for being you,



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