Soften Your Edges

A lot of people read this blog and tell me that I am inspiring. However, I was not always in such a good place. I learned how to be happy, and so can you!

Before I found yogic wisdom, I was a hot mess. I had anxiety and battled on and off with depression and weight gain. Plus, I really had no idea who I was or how to enjoy life.

I am quite familiar with discontent. I am here to tell you that you do not have to be grumpy or miserable.

If I used to be unhappy but found happiness, that means you can too!

Love and Compassion

Often times we dwell inside our own drama. Our issues become a prison where we are screaming for help, and we feel that no one is there to help.

What happens, then, is that we begin to treat others with resentment. Ever meet someone who is just rough around the edges? Chances are that person is miserable on the inside!

If this sounds familiar, I would like to suggest that you begin to switch your focus from that which disturbs you to that which you love. You have a choice over what you give your attention to.

When I first found yoga, I discovered that if I focused more on love and compassion versus the things that made me sad and anxious, then I felt better.

Start with just 5 minutes a day and think about all of the things in your life that you love. Begin to feel love and gratitude course through your veins. Let that love and compassion resonate throughout your entire being.

Then, when something happens in your life that irritates you, stop for a second. Before you get hostile, stop and choose. Choose how you are going to react, instead of letting your emotions control you.

In that moment when you stop and observe your choices, remember that compassion is an option. Believe it or not, not everything is about you.

When we begin to have compassion for others, we notice that there are countless worlds outside of ourselves. Our dramas are just a small fraction of the big picture. When we realize that, our issues become less powerful.

That means you strip your issues of the power they have to control your mood.

You do not have to let your issues control your behavior.

Make the Choice

When we choose to focus on love and compassion, life becomes pleasant. Moreover, people will enjoy being around you more.

People do not enjoy being around someone who always reacts negatively to life’s situations.

Choose love. Choose compassion. Choose happiness. I guarantee you will start to find life more enjoyable, and the people in your life will begin to find you more enjoyable to be around.

Love has the power to soften all of your hard edges.

The Power is Yours

I learned all of this information; it is not innate within me. There is nothing special about me that does not also exist inside of you!

You too have the power within you to be loving and happy. The choice is yours. The power lies within the decisions you make, starting now.

With love, compassion and gratitude,




Comments on: "Soften Your Edges" (2)

  1. Amber, this is great as usual! I recently experienced a difficult situation with a friend (maybe former friend now). I thought about it, acknowledged my feelings and my part in it, and accepted it. However, it was still bugging me. Then I had a realization: I’m so incredibly blessed to have all the positive things I have – my health, enough income to meet all of my needs and some wants, a clear head to focus on my dreams/goals and make them come true, and most of all LOVE – the love I have from you, the girls, my immediate family, other close friends, and my partner. All of the above makes me happy just to be here…or be anywhere, and I focus on that when I face something unpleasant. For the first time ever, I truly realize everything I have and feel grateful. This blog post just reiterated that realization. Thank you for your love and patience for all the time leading up to this moment.

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