Sharing The Love

Today I wanted to share the love of other yoga blogs or websites that I read often.

Yoga Blogs

My go to yoga website is Yoga Journal ( This website has it all: poses, recipes, a blog, and much, much more.

I also often find myself on Elephant Journal‘s website ( This website has blogs related to everything green and crunchy. There are sections for yoga, sustainability, activism, and a lot more.

Yoga Retreats / Workshops / Vacations

If you want to find some R & R, or if you want to take workshops to deepen your yoga practice, I recommend you check out these websites:

Kripalu ( – A 30-year old yoga teaching non-profit institution, also for retreats.

Omega Institute ( – A 34-year old non-profit institution for wellness and personal growth.

Yogaville ( – A yoga ashram and the home of Integral Yoga. Worth the trip to see the architectural beauty Light of Truth Universal Shrine (LOTUS). Added bonus: extremely affordable!

Yoga Blogs by my Friends

I have friends who also blog on yoga. Give them some love. 🙂

Choose Your Journey ( – My friend Meaghan writes a hilarious blog on yoga and running.

Writing Her Life ( – A blog on my friend Ami’s personal journey through yoga.

CamieKarma ( – A blog by the most physically intense yoga teacher I know. She also has an infectious personality that makes you want to work hard. Bonus: she runs yoga retreats in Costa Rica. Check her out!

My Favorite Yoga Studios

Here are some of my favorite yoga teachers or yoga studios. Yum!


Charm City Yoga ( – My yoga school and the studio I teach at.


Flow Yoga Center ( – This DC studio has amazing workshops. Bonus: Right next door to a Whole Foods and across the street from a lululemon and a Starbucks. Heaven!


Jivamukti ( – I try to go here every time I visit NYC. Their cafe is awesome too!

Dharma Yoga Center ( – Admittedly, I have not been yet, BUT I have tried often. I will make it and report back! 🙂

West Coast:

Shiva Rea ( – She is my yoga goddess! I have not been to her studio, but I have been to her workshops in DC. Bonus: Dance Trance = Awesome!

Happy blog hunting, my friends!

Are there any blogs you would like to share? How do you share the love?

Remember, you have got to give love to receive love!




Comments on: "Sharing The Love" (3)

  1. Thanks, Lady! I had no idea that Ami had a blog. Very cool post.

  2. Thanks so much for sharing these (and for sharing my blog)! I love several of these, but some of them I’d never seen before. ❤ and hugs!


    P.S. I miss you in the mornings. 🙂

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