Please be honest with yourself for a moment. Are you a whiner? By that I mean do you complain often? Do you sigh a lot? How about growling? Ever find yourself growling?

If you whine, sigh or growl often, you are probably not a very happy person. How could you be when all of those exasperations are negative by nature?

Needs vs. Wants

Is what you are complaining about really worth all of the moaning and groaning? Look at the big picture before you answer that question, please.

When I say that, I am referring to your basic human needs; are they satisfied? Do you have enough to eat? Shelter? Love? Support?

Like my friend Sarah alluded to in yesterday’s post, instead of mulling over what you do not have, try being grateful for what you do have.

Trust me, I understand that what I am asking you sounds like a foreign language at first. I used to ask for a lot of cheese with my whine, too . . . but that was before I found what I consider to be a better way.

Making behavioral changes is not easy. But think about it logically: perspective is everything.

An Attitude of Gratitude

If you perceive a lot of things to complain about, then you are probably going to be pretty unhappy. But if you focus on all of the things in your life to be grateful for, you cannot help but be happy.

What sounds more fun to you, whining or rejoicing? Let me ask the same question in another way: who would you rather be around, a complainer or someone who is happy?

Personally, I would much rather be around someone who is uplifting than someone who chronically complains.

How about you?




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