Be Where Your Feet Are

In yoga, we have an expression, be where your feet are. It means to be aware of your circumstances and accept them.

Too often in our culture, people are miserable over not having everything they desire in their life. Sure, it is ok not to be 100% satisfied with your situation, but is it really worth being miserable over?

“Remember that not getting what you want is sometimes a wonderful stroke of luck.” – Dalai Lama

My father has a wonderful expression. If he is not perfectly happy with his situation, he calls himself happily dissatisfied.
What he means is that even though he may not have every thing he wants right then and there, he is still happy. He accepts his situation and chooses happiness anyway.

Just because you have discontent in your life does not mean you have to be miserable. Yoga teaches us that it should be our goal to be as happy as possible no matter what.

Yes, you will have bad days, and you will have good days, but do not lose yourself during either. We can often get carried away by elation and depression from the ups and the downs of life.

But remember, those are your circumstances; that is not who you really are. The true you, the internal you–your morals, your beliefs, your principles, and how you treat people–can exist contently despite exterior situations.

The next time something happens that is really bad or really good, try being where your feet are. Try witnessing what is going around you while being grounded in your true self.

Acting from your center, your truest self, will allow you to realize that you are bigger than your circumstances. You, my friend, are a miracle, so begin to act like one. 🙂

With love,



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