The Masks We Wear

Throughout the course of a day, how many masks do you wear?

Are you a mother? A father? A writer? A dancer? Are you dramatic? Funny? Nice? Witty? Sarcastic? What defines you?

Do you define yourself by your career? How about your relationship status, or lack thereof?

We all wear masks, all day, every day. It is quite natural to have many masks that we wear at different times or for different occasions.

So which mask is the real you?

That question was asked to me by a professor in college. Her answer: all of them.

That’s right. The real you is multi-dimensional. There is no one true thing that defines you.

You are a culmination of all of your good traits, of all of your bad traits, of all of your strengths, of all of your weaknesses, and of all of your talents.

Be aware of the many dimensions that create you. All of those elements are a part of you the way that you are right now.

I am sure you have questions.

But what if there is a characteristic about myself, a particular mask that I wear, that I do not like?

If you do not like a trait about yourself, accept the fact that you can change it, and begin to work toward that goal daily. Being aware of that characteristic is the first step to making a change.

But what if it is physical, like my nose or my smile?

Well, nobody is perfect. Even cover models on magazines are highly airbrushed. No one is really that beautiful or that perfect.

Remember, the physical is not nearly as important as who you are on the inside. Let your inner beauty shine brighter than your exterior beauty.

Outer beauty fades; inner beauty has the ability to only get more beautiful if you focus on self-improvement and growth.

Awareness is Key

The different elements that create us are important. We can accept them or we can change them.

What is important is to be aware of our masks, our moods, all of the different aspects of ourselves. The different masks we wear add depth to our personalities.

Yoga is about the expansion of conscious awareness. We can neither change nor accept anything about ourselves unless we first have a conscious awareness of it.

God bless,



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