The End of an Era

Bye Bye Baltimore…

Yesterday I left the state of Maryland to return to my hometown of Richmond, Virginia. A series of events since my last blog post lead me on this path.

I moved to Baltimore in January 2005 to work with my brother’s band, Fools & Horses. They disbanded last October. I  recommend listening to their music.

The Band Years

Working with the band were some of the greatest years of my life. I am so honored to have been a part of such an amazing adventure.

Throughout the 9 years they were together, my boys opened up for Bon Jovi, The Presidents of the United States of America, the Gin Blossoms, and many more national acts. They played iconic venues such as Whiskey A Go Go, CBGBs, Arlene’s Grocery, The Knitting Factory and more. They also had radio play, television exposure, and were even on a FUSE TV dating game show.

My point is that these were some good times that I will always cherish. In that time, Baltimore treated me very well. I have amazing friends whom I will always love, I will forever root for the Baltimore Ravens, and I will visit because I love Charm City.

The End of an Era

Obviously, the thing I am most grateful for about my nearly 8 years in Baltimore is that I found yoga there. That is the reason I created this blog: to share my understand of yogic wisdom so that others may benefit as I did.

I will return to Baltimore with pride and love, but now is the time for me to return home.

Over the past year, since I last blogged, before that even, a series of events occurred that made me realize it was time to move back to Richmond, Virginia. My grandfather died, my baby cousin was diagnosed with a rare condition, and my aunt has been very sick with lymphoma.

Dealing with this from a distance has been very difficult. My family needs me right now, but more importantly, I need them.

New Town, New Yoga

I intend to start blogging again now that my life will be less chaotic, and I cannot wait to share my yoga adventures with you in my new town.



P.S. Richmond was voted one of the best river cities in America in by Outside Magazine.


Comments on: "The End of an Era" (2)

  1. Very nice blog!!!! Can’t wait to read morey! xoxoxo

  2. Very sweet. Made me teary at a time I needed not to mess up my makeup! Love you much. Gran

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