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Work Hard; Play Hard

I took this weekend off, for the most part. I only took one yoga class and I only taught one yoga class. For me, that’s taking off.

Right now I am at a point in my life where I work very long hours during the week. I do this all because I love teaching yoga.

It is very tiring to have such long days. I am fulfilled, but I sure am out of energy by the end of the day.

So this weekend I gave myself the luxury of relaxing and enjoying life to the fullest. It was my way of celebrating my hard work.

I spent time with wonderful people, and I enjoyed myself completely.

My point is that life is meant to be enjoyed. It is not always about work, and it is not always about your spiritual growth.

Life is also not about other people’s expectations of you, and neither is it about your expectations of yourself. Life is for living, not for expecting.

We should be witness to what is happening in life and try to maximize our enjoyment of it. If we are not enjoying ourselves, what is the point of working so hard?

This weekend, I was reminded of this: work hard, play hard. That does not mean play irresponsibly, of course, but it does mean have fun and enjoy yourself when you are able.



“Fun is good.” -Dr. Seuss